New Radio Melody
Radio Melody, previously Radio FM1 Melody, in Switzerland recently worked with Pors Impact Creative to create a new jingle package. The tag line, “Music for the Heart”, represents Melody’s oldies, pop and folk music playlist.
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Schlager NL is set to launch
Schlager NL is set to launch a new jingle package. Recently the station changed the name into Schlager NL. You can hear a taster of the new station sound here.
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RNK 2015 update
Update Radio Noorderkempen. We produced 7 new custom made jingles.
Check out how we produced the "Radio Noorderkempen 2015 " tracks!
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Big B-Hit Music Station!
For this station we produced new CHR jingles,
"Big B-Hit Music Station”, each track has been carefully produced for Big B Radio.
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New custom package for Radio 8FM
Dutch commercial radio station Radio 8FM wanted new modern, trendy and up tempo jingles without losing the feel with the Classics & Hits and a powerful and staccato logo. The package consist of 17 tracks and lots of mix outs.
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New custom package RNK 2014
For Radio Noorderkempen we produced a complete new custom made package, 11 cuts that perfectly fits the music which is played on "Radio Noorderkempen", Just a mindblowing set of new jingles!
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RGR Belgium, Non Stop Rhythm & Dance + 'Mix&Joy'
Based on the "Mix & Joy" package but completely renewed. Next to the resings extra and new voice drops, effects and creativity is added.
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Custom jingles for Schlager Radio
Spiel mir einer Radio, that is online radio with the slogan "Radio für Volksmusik & Schlager". For this station we produced a complete new custom made package, that perfectly fits the music they play. For singing we flew in German singers.
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RNK 2013 update (Belgium)
Again we refreshed the on air imaging of Radio Noorderkempen with brand-new custom tracks."Pors Impact Creative composed and produced perfect jingles again!", Stefan de Wilde, station manager
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'Puur NL', HOT and different new imaging
Jingles that sound like todays music with vocals that are loud and proud. The Puur NL logo is pure recognisable and pure functional. A big 20 track package with main,slogan,shotgun,news and traffic material.
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'Mix & Joy', perfect imaging for today's radio
20 brand new tracks including news, weather & traffic bed. All cuts can be sung with male or female singers in any language. The sonic logo can be adapted to make it perfectly fit your station logo.
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RNK 2012 update (Belgium)
As a yearly tradition Radio Noorderkempen from Belgium ordered new jingles from Pors Impact Creative in 2012. Their wish was to create an expansion on the RNK 2011 package. We produced 6 brand-new custom tracks.
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Radio Candela Updated
Radio Candela updated their station imaging with new and extra cuts from "The Monster Hit Package: RX”.
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The Monster Hit Package: RX
New and custom created by Pors Impact Creative:
“The Monster Hit Package: RX”! A stunningly new package for monster hit stations. Each cut comes with a main theme, slogan and shotgun mix.
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Antenne Mainz (Germany)
For the brand-new German radio station Antenne Mainz we were asked to produce the jingle package. The package is based on HIP-MO-TIZED ans now has a German tincture and the slogan “106.6 Antenne Mainz”.
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Unique FM
Lots of new jingles for Unique FM (The Netherlands). With the slogan ‘Kleur de dag’ (Color up your day) Pors Impact Creative produced the extensive new jingle package based on CARS 108.
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Radio Candela
'Tasty’, the custom made Pors Impact Creative package, is the basic principle for the new sound imaging for Radio Candela. You can tune in to Radio Candela via the internet and check out their Mega Latin Hits.
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RNK 2011 update (Belgium)
Radio Noorderkempen from Belgium also had a new order for Pors Impact Creative. Their wish was to create an expansion on the RNK 2010 package.
5 brand-new custom tracks were the result.
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Moerdijk FM
Moerdijk FM is the radio division of RTVM, the local broadcaster from Moerdijk (The Netherlands). They chose 12 jingles from the CARS package.
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6 new jingle packages
Pors Impact Creative present 6 new packages for different formats
from Zone Radio Imaging. Now available for syndication on your station.
The Hot AC package KS95-The Threequel, and new 5 AC packages: Magic in Detroit, Magic The Sequel, Freshen Up, Warm in Cincinnati, Warm It Up.
Rescue Mate
The RescueMate is a new innovative platform which allows helping a person in need more quickly and efficiently. This interactive platform is able to give a diagnosis via spoken word. All spoken words are produced by Pors Impact Creative.
RNK 2010
For the 10th time Pors Impact Creative produced custom made jingles for Radio Noorderkempen (Belgium). 10 new tracks were produced by our in house producers and approved for the full 100 percent by a happy the customer.
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Wan FM
Wan FM, chose Pors Impact Creative to let them produce the jingles with which they could make the voice of Bernheze (The Netherlands) heard,
AC D-Tox and Dallas Mix II were used as base.
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Radio Schiedam
12 new tracks were recorded for Radio Schiedam.
Based on the AC package WMHK, it was the expertise of Pors Impact Creative that fitted the desired new slogans and scripts into an outstanding new jingle package.
Kick FM
Hohoho. World wide web station Kick FM is always your favourite, especially when it's Christmastime. The challenge was to let the complete imaging sound Christmas. Pors Impact Creative fulfilled this challenge.
CFN, the Canadian Forces Network in Europe has an own radio station.
They broadcast in 2 languages, English and French. Pors Impact Creative had the challenge to produce the jingles in both languages. For this production we invited French singers in our studio. The mission was completed successful.
Centraal FM
WRAL is the basic package that is used for the new jingles for Centraal FM. With this new sound Centraal FM is ready for the future. The jingles are on air in the South of Holland.
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WOFM, the station for Wijchen (The Netherlands) is local and involved. They broadcast that message on air with the help of 10 new tracks from the Hot AC "Cuddle" package and the professional jingle production of Pors Impact Creative.
Crazy FM chooses XFM Dance Control
After a completely renewed website, Crazy FM (Belgium) also sounds completely fresh and new on air. New jingles, fresh liners, a new slogan and new items. Crazy FM chose XFM Dance Control as their new jingle package.
This custom made package by Pors Impact Creative has been completely resung.
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Radio Bodegraven
Radio Bodegraven is the radiostation for Bodegraven, Nieuwerbrug and Meije (The Netherlands). Recently they came to Pors Impact Creative to proceduce the imaging for their station. They chose the "Clevelands" package.
This package was resung with the slogans of Radio Bodegraven.
TV commercial Campina Fruttis in Arabic
For Fruttis, a new yoghurt from Campina, we recorded the voice overs for a new TV commercial. The commercial will be broadcasted in Arabic, Portugese, French and English version.
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Soft AC jingles for RTV Nunspeet
Radio Nunspeet, the radio division of RTV Nunspeet came to Pors Impact Creative for their complete new jingle package. They chose for the traditional package Family Friendly Radio. We sung jingles for al programs and DJ's.
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Voice overs in many different languages
For an interactive resuscitation training we often record the voice overs in different languages. Recently we did the Polish, Czech, English, Dutch and German version.
Imaging for XFM dance event Xnergy 3.0
The Dutch non stop dance station XFM recently organised the third edition of their dance event Xnergy. Pors Impact Creative produced the complete audio package: commercials, promo's and DJ Intro's. Curious? Click below.
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3 brand new jingle packages from Zone Radio Imaging
Zone Radio Imaging introduce 3 brand new packages.
The packages are in 3 total different formats. A CHR package Hip-mo-tized, an AC package for KSFI and a Jazz package for J-Wave. You van hear the Hip-mo-tized demo below. To listen to the other 2 packages check the jingle section.
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Custom made News Imaging for XFM
XFM the Dutch dance station updated their radio imaging with a custom made newspackage. Pors Impact Creative produced this package that contains news, traffic and weather beds including lots of different mix-outs.
New jingle footballstadium Willem II
Pors Impact Creative scores with a new exciting jingle for football stadium Willem II. Pors produced the tune, which is played when the footballers make their appearance on the field and each time they score. Client Willem II had some serious requests for their new jingle (lenght, samples, sound effects). The result is a really great tune and it brings a new sound to the Willem II-Football!
Imaging for XFM dance event Xnergy
The Dutch dance station XFM created a hype with their first Xnergy dance event. Especially for this event Pors Impact Creative created the complete audio imaging. For the start of every DJ set we created a spectacular intro and also the promos and commercials for this event.
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Voice-casting in many different languages
The Mute Zone and Pors Impact Creative produced a DVD for the American electronics company Fluke. The languages we already recorded are Dutch, English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. This list of languages will be updated in the future. We used the best native speakers.
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Kiss FM Ukraine
The dance station Kiss FM from the Ukraine also chooses for Pors Impact Creative. The complete package consists of lots of sung and spoken jingles. The station voice for Kiss FM was a great American female voice. Pors takes care for the complete postproduction of these liners.
Pors Impact Creative recorded a product presentation for the Dutch dairy industry Campina. Pors did the voice-casting and the recording session. They chose for an English presentation done by a Dutch female voice over, since Campina is a Dutch company. In the mean time, more and more advertising agencies and companies find their way to Pors Impact Creative.
RNK 2006
Radio Noorderkempen has an new custom jinglepackage. Hot jingles that fits their needs. One of Pors Impact Creative's producers made their new jingles.
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Zuid FM
Zuid FM, The Netherlands chose "Hot MIx" as their new jingle package. Pors Impact Creative did the resings on this package with the Kiss logo.
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Roparun Radio
Ones a year Radio Hoeksche Waard is tranformed into Roparun Radio. During this 55 hours Running event Radio Hoeksche Waard is tagged with Roparun jingles.
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Radio Excellent
First Class is the most classy ID package ever created! Pors/Impact produced 17cut's with varied tempo basic ID's.
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Radio Diest
Radio Diest Belgium has a new package produced by Pors/Impact Creative. The new jingles are a re-sing of the Berliner Rundfunk. Click and listen to some main jingles.
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New jingle package for XFM - Dance Control
The Dutch NonStopDance radiostation XFM was looking for a new jinglepackage that fits their needs and gave the assignment to compose a brand new jingle package,“XFM Dance Control”.Jingles that fit perfectly to the stations format.
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Roulette FM chose "in the Game"
Roulette FM is the public radiostation for several cities in the Netherlands. Pors Impact Creative was approached by them to produce a fresh new jingle package. The package is completely custom made for Roulette FM.
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VLOH Radio - New jingle package
Pors Impact Creative produced for VLOH Radio (the Netherlands) a complete new jingle package. This new AC package contains a large variety of jingles like station ID's, transitions, info tracks and so on, which have been reproduced for them.
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Megastad FM
The Dutch radio station Megastad FM (93.9 FM) is proudly to present their new package. Megastad FM is situated in the city Rotterdam. They came to Pors Impact Creative to create a complete new jingle package. Boston's Upbeat was resung with their slogan "Rotterdam hoor je hier ".
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New package Radio Extra Gold
Radio Extra Gold (Belgium) instructed Pors Impact Creative to resing the complete package Orlando 2. This package fits perfectly to the oldies format of Radio Extra Gold.
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Slotstad RTV chose Clevelands Country
Slotstad RTV has chosen for the popular jinglepackage Clevelands Country.
Pors Impact Creative resung the package with a traditional 7 voice group.
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Multimedia production Oostappen Groep
The Oostappen Groep owns 8 recreation resorts in the Netherlands and Belgium.
Their 145 pages counting brochure comes with a supporting DVD that contains all the details of the 8 resorts. All the audio on this multimedia DVD including voice casting was done by Pors Impact in 3 different languages, English, German and Dutch.
WFM the local radiostation for Millingen and Ubbergen, the Netherlands were looking for a package that was not to hard and not to soft. They found it at Pors Impact Creative. They chose a great package that consists of solo cuts, group sings, short ID's, weather, news, etc.
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Magic FM
Magic FM is the commercial regional radio station focussed on the Dutch capitol Amsterdam. They came for the second time to Pors Impact Creative to let them produce their package.
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For the fourth time in a row this Flemish radio station ordered a new jingle package. This time they decided to go for Euro Rhythm. Uptempo jingles with a lot of solo vocals.
Listen to a short impression.
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New Studio
Pors Impact recently launched another brand new production studio.
The studio is suited with Pro Tools HD, Tascam DM-24 Digital mixing consol, Genelec, Yamaha monitor loudspeakers and a comfortable voice booth, ideal for recording via Telos CODEC and all able to connect to most ISDN formats.
New M-1
M1 Lithuania came to the Netherlands for their jingles for the second time. They chose for Boston's Upbeat from Pors Impact Creative. We produced the package with Lithuanian singers. Listen to a short impression
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Peelstar FM
Dutch local radiostation Peelstar FM came to Pors Impact Creative for their new jingle package. A package with the sound of AC today, so Peelstar FM now captures the essence of today's best music with the 'feelgood' sound.
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Airplay Radio
Airplay radio in favour for Pors Impact Creative for their new jingles. They have chosen for jingles that match 100% with the format, target group of Airplay Radio.
Check out how we produced the package for this Dutch station.
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Regio FM
Regio FM , their choice has fallen on the Boston's Upbeat package. The result is sparkling! Pors/Impact produced also some extra liners which makes the package very complete.
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Thals FM 105.7
Pors Impact Creative produced smashing jingles for Thals FM .Listen to some of these jingles.
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Radio Beverland
Radio Beverland from Belgium have chosen for the WMRF 2000 package, the refreshing jingles from Dallas! Radio Beverland came to Pors Impact Creative after the received a new frequency in Belgium. The new jingles are really outstanding.
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Go FM (Radio Go, 103.5 MHz), a new regional radiostation for (Oost-Vlaanderen) Belgium, owned by VUM, is finally ready to GO! Listen to their new jingles.
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Radio Schiedam
Pors Impact Creative sung 16 great jingles for Radio Schiedam. A totally refreshing AC jinglepackage for this Dutch station. Listen to some jingles done for Radio Schiedam 106.7.
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Pors Impact Creative re-sung new jingles for this Dutch local radiostation in Steenbergen.
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Radio Contact 2
Pors Impact Creative produced a full range of essential tools that sounded refreshing and gave the right identity to Radio Contact 2. This radio needed jingles that sounded hot and truly unique. We sung the jingles in two languages.
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L.O.S. Radio
They gave us the descriptions: solo, duets,smoot and an open sound. Pors Impact Creative produced the package "Light Touch".A perfect smooth AC jingle package to help you blend today's music styles.
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First Class is the most classy ID package ever created! Pors Impact Creative produced 17cut's with varied tempo basic ID's. We've included a couple of examples here from our First Class package for ORTS.
Listen how classy radio can sound.....
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Mona FM, France
Mona FM wanted a new, fresh sound when this station transitioned. Pors Impact Creative came up with something incredibly cool. " Chicago’s Oldie's" This is one big 17 cut package with lots of station ID's, transitions and shotguns. It's what's hot in oldies programming and it's sounds great!
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Radio Be1
New name, new jingles, Radio Be1 the #1 of Bern, Swiss. They chose KUDL, the perfect jingle package from Pors/Impact Creative to help you blend today's different music styles into one solid dynamic hour of programming.
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The Morning Show on Radio 8FM
"Once you find a tool like this you don't let go". A new custom made AM package for the funny morning guys of Radio 8FM. Pors/Impact Creative produced 9 jingles with 30 and 60 sec morning crew songs, winner jingles, talk over beds, openers, short CHR cuts. Lots of funny stuff to wake up and start a brand new day.
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